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Clean Office Lamp, Geometric Pen Holder, Gothic Fireplace (20 plays reward!), iWood Computer, Marble&Copper Dining Table, Minimalist Office Desk, Office Comfort Chair (PG), Open Wardrobe, Paint Can Plant Pot, Pastel Coffee Set, Minimalist Bed – ChiMia for GachaLand July round, Daily Life Set ❤
ChiMia:: Jones Curtains – Sakura
ChiMia:: Overtime Chair [coffee]
.TeaBunny. Sticky-Note Pad (gift)
Granola. Capped Candles (gift)
SAYO – Chevron Fireplace Grate
starfield projector, sidetable, alarm clock, books, winter kitty slippers, boxes – .tree {spring time set}
υnør✞hødøx ʊռɖɛʀաօʀʟɖ – Dornish Pottery
Deviant Behavior – Candle in a jar
ASO! Aroma Diffuser (Lavender) (gift)
Chic Building – Ampersand Hammered Copper
meadowWorks – A Curious Relic ~ Horse Head
ariskea – Frame Flower, Old Clock, Pouf (gifts)
Kaerri – Zadie bedroom rug
unKindness– Comfort Tubby-Autumn
Spargel & Shine Homes – Eugenia Chandelier Small


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