Photo Tips

Here some tips and tutorials that I found helpful during the process of setting up the scene for my pictures and learning Photoshop! You will also find a list of sources to download many windlight presets from, kindly offered by some amazing SL photographers/artists, together with brief instructions on how to install them 🙂 Lastly, make sure you scroll down to the bottom as I’m talking about a super handy tool that many bloggers use in SL, which you may not know about!

General Photography

Illustration softwares:


SL – Vids:

General infos SL-related:

Also, the Facebook group Photography Help Tips & Tricks SL Edition is an amazing source of useful infos, I strongly suggest joining it 🙂


To install new presets, unzip the downloaded file and drag the content into this folder (for Windows):
For EEP you will have to add WLs one by one (grr!!!) by importing them via “+” sign > “Settings” at the bottom of your inventory.

  • Doutzen Joubert‘s and Olive‘s WLs have been removed following the deactivation of their accounts/websites. If you send me an IM (or notecard, just in case IMs cap!) inworld I am more than happy to send you a copy via mail!


“zdrop” is an automated function that helps boxing up items without worrying about losing any along the way. Note that the “no copy” items that get boxed up will disappear from your inventory, but just to get moved into the box you are creating.
You need to be in a sandbox or wherever you have rezzing rights.

I’ll sum this up in steps to make it easier:

1. Go in your inventory and create a folder that includes all the items you want to box up, and name it as you please. I usually just name it “a” to simplify the process later on. Now make sure you place it in the main “Inventory” folder, rather than any sub-folders of it (it should appear somewhere below the “Trash” system folder, if you did this right)

2. Now create a prim from scratch; you can give it any shape or color, simple or fancy, but to make things quick I usually just rez a cube using the shortcut “Ctrl+b”

3. In the edit window of such prim, give it whichever name you please, then click on the button “Copy Keys”

4. Final step: type in “Nearby Chat” this line

zdrop on <Keys copied> <a>

where <Keys copied> will be the code identifying the prim you created, and <a> will be whichever name you gave to the folder of items to box up; all of this without the brackets

Your line should look something like this:

zdrop on 55f09514-a746-0fe9-61fe-e83d03ebxe05 OLD ITEMS BOXED

You will now see the progression of items that are getting boxed up appear in local chat (bit spammy I know lol), and a message saying “zdrop completed” once the process is over. You can delete the “a” folder from your inventory now, and pick up (“take”) the prim box. Voila! All done!